milkshake-1021027_1280Have you considered using a meal replacement in your weight loss efforts but wondered whether or not they work?  Do you wonder which products not only work, but are a healthy choice?  Here’s a summary of the effectiveness of meal replacements along with a delicious recipe!

Do meal replacements work?

Yes, they do work!  Nothing works for absolutely everyone, but when we see people who are willing and able to stick with a plan including meal replacements, they can be a very effective tool.  Additionally, research suggests that people aren’t more likely to regain weight after using meal replacements any more than with other program.  If you get a good meal replacement that’s appropriate for you and stick with the program, you will lose weight!

Are there good and bad meal replacements?

YES!  There are many things that can make a meal replacement “bad.”  Some of those include:

  • Not enough or too much protein
  • Not enough fiber
  • Not enough or too many calories
  • Poor nutritional quality (doesn’t provide the appropriate levels of nutrients for a meal replacement)
  • Poor palatability (doesn’t taste good enough to actually eat)
  • Not a reliable manufacturer (the product