You can’t outrun a bad diet. Or can you?  The real question may be do you want to?

No, you cannot cannot outrun a bad diet.  The consequences of a poor diet extend beyond weight gain.  A healthy diet supports all functions of your body and all of your organs, while a bad diet can cause damage to your organs and impair function.  On a strictly “calories in-calories out” basis, you can outrun a bad diet, but you probably really don’t want to.

The average person burns roughly 100 calories per mile they run.  This is a rough estimate. The amount of calories you burn is impacted by things like height, weight and age, but this is the estimate used for the following examples.

To outrun a bad diet, you would have to run the following distances to “burn off” the calories you consumed in each of the following foods:

Can of Coke – 1.4 miles

Can of Red Bull – 1.7 miles

Snickers – 2.1 miles

Potato chips (1 oz) – 1.5 miles

Perkins mammoth blueberry muffin – 6.5 miles

McDonald’s medium French fries – 3.4 miles

McDonald’s crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich – 6.3 miles

Small serving of onion rings – 4 miles

For future reference, if you look at the number of calories in a food, divide by 100, that will be roughly the number of miles you would have to run to burn the same amount of calories.  For some, this representation can help you decide whether a food item is “worth it” or not.  If nothing else, it helps you take a step back and think about your food choices.

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