Brussels - add seasoned salt w ingIf the phrase “delicious Brussels sprouts” prompts you to express your verbal disagreement,you aren’t alone!  Brussels sprouts are a strong-flavored, cruciferous vegetable that many of us had negative experiences with during childhood.  If cooked poorly, they can have an overpowering flavor and a mushy texture.  If prepared well however, they can be absolutely delicious! Challenge yourself to try something new and try this recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts.  For a smoky flavor, put them on the grill!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


1 lbs fresh Brussels sprouts

1 tsp olive oil

1/4-1/2 diced red onion

1-2 TBSP minced garlic

Fresh cracked pepper

Seasoned salt

Glass baking dish or a cookie sheet


Brussels - quartered




Wash and cut the Brussels sprouts into quarters





Brussels - add olive oil





Lightly add olive oil (about 1 tsp)





Brussels - add onion




Add 1/4 to 1/2 diced red onion






Brussels - add garlic





Add 1-2 TBSP minced garlic




Brussels - add pepper




Add fresh ground pepper (light sprinkle)




Brussels - add seasoned salt w ing




Add a sprinkle of seasoned salt




Brussels - ready to grill




Mix well, then place in a hot oven or on a hot grill (400-450 degrees).  Cook until desired tenderness, commonly 20-30 minutes.



Roasted Brussels








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Written by Cassandra Towns, RDN, LDN, CD, CLC