Sports drinks are commonly misunderstood and used incorrectly.  If used incorrectly, sports drinks can easily “cancel out” some of the benefits of exercise, such asa calorie deficit, and therefore, weight loss.

We’ve developed five basic tips to help you decide if sports drinks are right for you.

1 – If you exercise for 30 minutes or less, you likely will not benefit from consuming a sports drink, and doing so may even negate the benefits of a calorie deficits.

2 – Avoid consuming sports drinks unless you have engaged in at least 1 hour of vigorous physical activity.

3 – Sports drinks are most effective if used during exercise, when you anticipate needing to continue to perform well, stay hydrated, replace electrolytes and have carbohydrates readily available to burn for energy, like during high-intensity exercise for a long period of time, like running 5+ miles.

4 – Consider the portion size.  Even if you find yourself exercising intensely for more than an hour, that doesn’t mean you need a full bottle of a sports drink to acheive the desired benefit.  Commonly, a 6-8 oz portion is enough, so avoid drinking an excessive portion size.

5 – Don’t drink sports drinks as a “better” alternative to soda.  Sports drinks contain added sugars, just like soda.We recommend minimizing added sugars through sugar-sweetened beverages, and this includes through sports drinks.

Although sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade can have benefits during sustained, intense exercise, it is important to understand that they contain added sugars and calories, and are not an effective tool to promote weight loss.

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