Spotlight on Vitamin D in the Age of COVID-19

Spotlight on Vitamin D in the Age of COVID-19

At Olivera Weight Loss, a focus on immune health is a longstanding cornerstone of our comprehensive approach to keeping you happy and healthy. From multi-vitamins to targeted vitamin and mineral supplements, we offer a range of products aimed at helping you stay in peak condition and ward off illness.

But now, with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis dominating public discourse, making sure to do everything possible to boost immune health is a front-and-center concern for many. And we want to do our part to give you the information you need to make smart decisions about your health.

There’s been some recent discussion about the possibility of Vitamin D being helpful to patients suffering from COVID-19 and other respiratory ailments. A fat-soluble vitamin found in fatty fish like salmon and tuna, Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties and supports healthy immune function. Low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with heightened susceptibility to a variety of infections and disorders, including respiratory conditions such as tuberculosis, COPD, asthma and more.

With this in mind, you may be wondering – can Vitamin D in fact lower your risk for COVID-19?

Before we proceed, let’s be clear – there is currently no vaccine for COVID-19, and until a vaccine is developed, preventative measures such as practicing good hygiene, observing commonsense social distancing measures, and using masks and other PPE when appropriate are essential, and can dramatically reduce your risk of contracting and spreading this deadly disease.

That being said, while Vitamin D can not prevent you from contracting COVID-19, there may indeed be cause for optimism when considering it as a possible factor in boosting your immune response to the virus. A recent study led by researchers at Northwestern University found a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and higher mortality rates from COVID-19 in ten countries hit hard by the virus. In particular, it seems that there is a strong correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and the occurrence of cytokine storm, the hyperinflammatory condition linked to severe respiratory distress and lung damage in the most serious COVID-19 cases.

Scientists’ understanding of COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, and the researchers involved with this study stress that further research is needed on this matter. But the encouraging early results do suggest that Vitamin D could be one factor among many in determining how the virus will affect your body, and how quickly you may recover if infected. Further, the findings underscore what has long been known about the benefits of Vitamin D as an immune booster in a broader sense.

Are you looking to boost your Vitamin D levels and keep your immune system at its best? Olivera offers Micro D-3, a targeted Vitamin D supplement formulated to support healthy immune function while also supporting brain health and aiding in calcium absorption. For your safety and convenience, Olivera is partnering with the convenient online dispensary Fullscript, so you can obtain this and other supplements without ever leaving your home.

From all of us at Olivera – stay safe and healthy during this trying time.

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