Start 2022 Strong with Olivera Weight Loss

Start 2022 Strong with Olivera Weight Loss

The start of a new year is a great time to get a fresh start on a happier, healthier you, and Olivera is here to help. We know that the key to getting health back on track is setting reasonable goals and creating healthy habits, with extra support for challenging areas. That is why Olivera Weight Loss is one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Management centers. We combine the best of the tried and true with the latest developments in health sciences and interventions to help our patients set good goals, meet or exceed those goals, and keep on going. We are proud to bring new and exciting developments to our lineup to help our patients succeed. What’s new this year in healthy living tools for success? Read on to find out what Olivera has in store to help 2022 be the year your health takes top priority!

Create Healthy Habits with New Package Deals
The number one challenge our patients face in creating healthy habits is staying committed to regular care. With our new Medical Weight Management package deals and Booster Bundles for the new year, we help our patients save money and also provide a great boost to their commitment to achieving health goals! Not only are patients rewarded with discount pricing for planning their care in advance, they then already have a timeline mapped out for how to move forward.

Focus on Immune Support with Affordable Wellness Treatments
We have honed our special offers for 2022 to bring affordable immune support to all our patients. As health support takes center stage worldwide, people everywhere are looking to lower their disease risk and support their body’s natural defense systems. At Olivera, we bring a powerful two-hit combo of Medical Weight Loss, to help at-risk patients lower their BMI, and incredible Booster Shot Packages that make regular Immune Boost IM Booster Shots a smart, affordable health-boosting option. Get healthy and stay healthy – at a savings of up to $144!

Give Your Results a Head Start with a 90-Day Prescription
For a limited time only, Olivera is offering our return patients the opportunity to save time and money and get ahead of the curve with a 90-Day Prescription option. We offer qualifying patients the option of a 90-day supply of Phentermine, a medically-proven appetite suppressant that curbs hunger cravings and gives patients a chance to adjust what they eat, how often they eat and other lifestyle choices that impact their weight. Give yourself the opportunity to get ahead in 2022 and leave complications behind!

Refresh and Rehydrate for Maximum Effect
Stress is one of the primary triggers for chronic health concerns and sluggish metabolism. IV Hydration Therapy offers patients a chance to get healthy by taking a break and nourishing themselves from the inside out. Visit our IV Hydration Therapy page to learn more about the benefits of IV Therapy.

Olivera Weight Loss is ready to help all of our patients conquer their 2022 goals. Whether you are taking the plunge for the first time or seeking to improve on last year’s results, we are committed to helping everybody and every body find the plan and the practices that work best for your budget and goals. Start strong with Olivera in 2022 to get quality care at a great savings all year long!

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