If you enjoy stir fry, but want it to be a fast, easy dish to prepare, check out this recipe!  It is very simple and can be adjusted to your preferences very easily.

General Recipe Guidelines for Customization:

Choose your favorite vegetables and protein, such as chicken breast, steak, tofu or shrimp.

In a large pan or wok, saute the protein on medium-high heat until done.  This should only take about ten minutes, but varies based on which type of protein you choose and how large of pieces they are cut them into.  Use as small of an amount of olive oil or canola oil as you can to prevent sticking. If desired, while meat is cooking, you can add garlic, ginger and/or onion.

While the meat is cooking, prepare the vegetables.  Choose your favorite vegetables, and cut into bite sided pieces.

Add vegetables to the wok, mix in with the meat.  Saute until vegetables are tender-crisp.

Add a small amount of oyster sauce, to taste.


Suggested recipe, requiring minimal prep:

2 cups precooked, peeled shrimp