Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Did you Know? Obesity is the # 2 cause of preventable death in the United States. 60 million Americans with age of 20 years and older are obese. 9 million children and teens age 6-19 are overweight.

5 Ways to Handle Stress

Coping with stress takes many different forms. For many people, eating provides temporary relief from the stresses of life. It is easy to slip into the habit of eating, not from hunger, but for the momentary pleasure and relief from stress that eating provides. This habit can lead to over-eating and weight gain, or make […]

Health Risks of Being Overweight – What Weight Loss Can Do For You!

We all know that diet and exercise are good for us, but many of us don’t realize why these are important. Having extra weight on the body can significantly change the way we feel and increase our risk for certain diseases. Having been significantly overweight most of my childhood I can personally attest to some […]

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