Ten Weight Loss Secrets

Ten Weight Loss Secrets

Over 30 years ago, Arturo Olivera, Sr. M.D. developed a diet designed to alleviate the stress that excess weight placed on the joints of his arthritis patients. The results were tremendous.

Today, Arturo Olivera, Jr. M.D. continues to enhance the weight-loss program his father developed.

  1. Have commitment to your program.
  2. See your diet as an investment in yourself.
  3. Keep your diet efforts consistent.
  4. Have confidence in your will to be thinner.
  5. Be patient. Results take time.
  6. See weight loss as a result of medical treatment.
  7. Remember that results follow efforts.
  8. Make diet choices convenient for yourself.
  9. Allow yourself to make pleasure in small weight losses.
  10. Use the comparison of the old you to the new you so you can appreciate your progress.

Felix Gonzalez, Medical Assistant

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