Are you looking for an easy way to have a healthy, lean protein ready for a quick meal after work or to pack for lunches?  Try this crock-pot chicken recipe!

A few notes before you get started:

  • You can use a whole chicken or chicken breasts for this recipe
  • The quantities of these basic ingredients can vary based on your preference and the size of your crock-pot
  • Keep in mind that you can season the chicken further if you’d like, but it won’t be as versatile
  • This recipe is intended to be used as a base or starter recipe, so you have cooked chicken ready to go for lunches or a quick and easy dinner after getting home from work


1 whole chicken or 6 chicken breasts

1 cup of low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth

1 large red onion, diced OR 2 cups of sliced leeks


1 – Add all ingredients to crock-pot.

2 – Cook on low for 8+ hours or until internal temperature of chicken reaches at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

3 – If using a whole chicken, remove and discard the skin after cooking.</