The Hypertension and Healthy Living Connection

The Hypertension and Healthy Living Connection

Hypertension can be caused by many factors, but here at Olivera we work to understand how best to address it with healthy living practices and interventions. From genetics to stress levels, as well as diet and exercise issues, many factors can contribute to high blood pressure. It is no secret that weight loss is one of the most effective ways to lower hypertension, but the secrets behind the connection provide a fascinating look at this disease and how it responds to healthy lifestyle interventions.

Get Regular Checks
Regardless of any other intervention, with high blood pressure it is vital to maintain consistency with annual physicals to monitor your BP. We know that even with a healthy lifestyle and lower sodium, exercise and weight loss, sometimes hypertension is genetic and needs to be monitored and treated by your primary care provider while you’re working on changing your lifestyle to address contributing factors.

Hydration Helps
An often overlooked helper in both weight loss and lowering blood pressure is staying hydrated. A dehydrated body will often send hunger signals when it really just wants water, so stopping cravings in their tracks with a glass of water can be helpful. That same hydration can also lower sodium levels in your body, making blood pressure ease up. If you need to boost your hydration but struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, make an appointment with us for IV Hydration Therapy! We offer a spa-like and relaxing way to boost your hydration levels without making it feel like work.

Pharmaceutical Aids Do Double Duty
Research shows that any weight loss is helpful in lowering blood pressure, and prescription weight loss aids can offer significant assistance in that effort. Olivera offers both prescription and non-prescription weight loss interventions to our patients, to ensure that the right intervention for your individual medical picture is available.

Build Healthy Activity Habits
We all know that getting active is an important part of any weight loss effort, but did you know that getting active can help lower blood pressure too? Even the most modest exercise has been shown to lower blood pressure, as it works out the stiffness in blood vessels that causes hypertension. Our team of professionals at Olivera works with our patients to create and build healthy activity habits at a comfortable pace, to ensure that getting active and healthy is a rewarding experience.

Swap out Processed Foods
It’s no secret that fresh fruits and vegetables are a key part of losing weight, but they also help to lower blood pressure by reducing sodium and fat. Foods that come in a box with reheating instructions typically contain a lot more sodium and fat to make those pre-cooked foods taste fresh and vibrant, and high sodium intake is one of the biggest dietary causes of hypertension. At Olivera, we work with our patients to identify ways to swap in healthier ingredients at meals, and we include dietary coaching, menus, and recipes as ways to help our patients discover the tremendous flavor to be found in cooking with fresh ingredients. Healthy living tastes delicious!

Skip the Alcohol
We know that alcohol is a sneaky source of hidden calories that can sabotage the best weight loss plans, but excessive alcohol consumption is also a well-known cause of hypertension. The best thing to drink is of course water, but seeking out any alternative to alcohol is likely to yield results both in terms of cutting back sneaky calories and also lowering blood pressure.

Olivera Weight Loss prioritizes whole body health and wellness in our patients. If high blood pressure is a concern, let our team help you craft a plan that will include heart healthy practices to lower blood pressure while also losing weight. Make your next appointment today, and let us help you craft a plan that supports whole body health and wellness!

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