A common reason people struggle with eating healthier is that  “healthy food is too expensive.”  Healthy eating can cost more, but often it can cost less if you follow the simple tips below!

Shop the produce sales

Stop buying junk food (per ounce, it’s one of the most expensive things at the grocery store)

Stop buying soda, juice, water flavoring, etc.

Shop at stores that feature lower prices, like Aldi

Plan your meals in advance

Buy produce that is in season

Buy store brands

Compare prices (sometimes a larger container is cheaper, sometimes it isn’t)

Buy things in bulk when they are on sale

Buy whole pieces of meat, like a whole chicken, then break it down yourself

Eat more beans and legumes and less meat

Plan your meals based on the foods on sale

Cook more from scratch

Purchase very few “prepared” products (if any)

Use your leftovers

Know what is  in your fridge to minimize the amount of food you throw away

Look at flyers for grocery stores – if you are willing to go to more than one grocery store to take advantage of the weekly sales, you can save A LOT of money

Grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruit

Consider purchasing Community Supported Agriculture share

Consider purchasing some foods locally – free-range, farm fresh eggs can be as low as $2 from a local producer, but cost $5 at the grocery store

Stop buying bottled water – if you prefer filtered water, get a pitcher with a filter

Following those simple tips will help you spend less while eating a healthy diet!

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