Get up early and exercise

If you are staying at a hotel with a fitness center, use it! You are paying more for those extra amenities so make the most of them. If the hotel has a pool, do a few laps before everyone else wakes up or before your meeting. Better yet, go for a walk or run to explore the new city you’re in. By the ocean? Do some laps there! Just get up and get moving, you’ll feel better the rest of the day. Remember, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

Walk to Your Destinations

Sure, the cab or train are easier and faster, but why not get those legs moving? If it is safe, walk to your destinations. An extra mile or two a day will add up to serious calorie burn on your week vacation. If the destination is far, get off a couple stops early or have the cabbie let you out a few blocks away.

Plan Active Activities

Plan fun activities that help you stick to your fitness goals. Hiking and nature walks, scuba diving, kayaking, biking the beach or boardwalk, skiing, or finally try surfing or snowboarding! If you are traveling for work, you might not have the luxury of planning these activities. However, about 45 million Americans are dieting or watching their weight each year. I’m sure one of your colleagues is one of them. Sometimes just a little accountability is needed.  Ask one of them to get up early to go on a walk with you or set a time to meet in the fitness center. You’re both more likely to show up if you’re depending on each other.

Take the Stairs in the Hotel

Skip the elevator! Take the stairs up and down to your room. Even if you’re only on the 3rd floor, if you go up and down the stairs twice that day, that’s six stories you’ve climbed and six you’ve gone down. That will add u