Why Cook From Scratch?

Why Cook From Scratch?

So many weight loss programs recommend cooking from scratch.  Cooking takes time, effort, and skill (which some people do not have).  Restaurants are offering more healthy options these days, so why all the fuss about cooking?

There are many advantages to cooking from scratch compared with eating out at a restaurant, even if the restaurant has “healthy” options.

1 – When you cook from home you know exactly what went into your food.

2 -Most people cooking at home use less fat and oil than what is used at restaurants.

3 – Most foods cooked at home are lower in sugar and salt.

4 – Most foods cooked at home are lower in calories.

5 – Cooking your own food limits your opportunity for an impulse decision.

6 – People who cook and eat at home tend to lose more weight.

7 – Once you develop your cooking skills, you will be able to give recipes “makeovers,” making them healthier while still keeping your favorite flavors and textures.

8 – Cooking gives far greater control in your eating: you can choose healthier fats, cook things they way you like them best, etc.

9 – Cooking from home saves A LOT of money.  Do you know how much you are spending going out to eat?  By cutting back on eating out, you can open up a lot of room in your budget for more and better groceries.

10 – If you choose to, you can know exactly where your food came from.

11 – Even when restaurants list nutrition information, the actual nutritional content of the food can change based on who is cooking it and how they prepare the food.  Not everyone working in a restaurant always follows every instruction in a recipe exactly as they should.

This short list covers only some of the advantages of cooking from home.  We encourage all of our patients to cook from home whenever they can.  Cooking more from home can help you lose weight and get healthier!  Happy cooking!

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