Work A Workout Into Your Schedule

Work A Workout Into Your Schedule

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We are so busy in our daily lives that we have all heard the catchphrases and cliches about simply not having enough time to do anything. “So many things to do, so little time!” “There are not enough hours in the day!” “I don’t make enough time for myself!” We’ve heard all of these so many times that is has become standard practice to say any one of them when we are just slammed with too many things going on at once. But it’s that last one we want to draw attention to today. Not making enough time for ourselves has always been one of the reasons that we sometimes let other important things, like our health, fall by the wayside. Sometimes we really ARE that busy, and other times, when we actually have a bit of time to ourselves, we are so burned out from being busy all the time that it’s hard to find the will, let alone the energy to do something as important as exercise. So how do we do it? How do we will ourselves to use what little free time we have to work out? Alternatively, what life hacks can we use to make the time to work out? Let’s explore ways in which we can change our mindset, and either find or make the time to work out.

First Things (you) First

Part of the struggle with any weight loss plan is that we tend not to prioritize ourselves. This is especially true with working out, because as a general rule, working out takes up our time. That’s an interesting way of viewing that, isn’t it? “Takes up our time.” While we know everyone has other responsibilities, we have to also be cognizant of the fact that we do have a responsibility to ourselves. Leading a healthier lifestyle pays too many dividends for us to view it as just another task to be completed. Instead of viewing a work out as something that takes time, we should try to view exercise (and any activity that improves our overall health) as time for ourselves. Time spent on self-improvement is never time wasted. That’s not to say we really aren’t that busy, but rather to get us in the headspace needed to find ways to work exercise into our already packed schedules. For example…

Sneak Little Workouts In Your Day-to-Day Activities

We should try to move around during the day, even when we’re busy (multitasking!), and as best we can, make the movements count. We’ve mentioned in the past to try taking stairs instead of elevators where possible, but there are many more ways to squeeze in some extra steps. For example, whenever we drive somewhere whether it be the office or the grocery store, we have a habit of picking the spot closest to the door. Sometimes we even drive around looking for a spot close enough! It would be better for us to park farther away and get more steps in, and more steps out. Also, for those of us who live in cities (like maybe, Chicago?), if we happen to live close enough to our workplace, why not walk or ride a bike to work? Every bit of movement counts!

Mark Workouts on Your Calendar

This one is short and simple, but so often overlooked. We schedule every minute of our workday/work week, and we treat every appointment and meeting with a certain respect. Of course we do, other people are making the effort to meet us, we should reciprocate. It’s no different when it comes to our healthier lifestyle. By making a note of our upcoming workouts, and actually adding it to our schedule, we are more likely to go, simply because we already made the conscious decision to commit a certain amount of our time to improving our fitness.

Eat The Right Foods

Surprisingly, this fits in perfectly here. It’s widely known that sugary and starchy foods have a tendency to make us tired or have a sugar crash. Even when we do get off work, or whatever was taking up most of our day, sometimes we just don’t feel like working out because we are tired or burned out. Well, what we ate plays a huge part in it. We’ve spoken before about the importance of not depriving ourselves of the treats we enjoy, but on days when our time is at a premium, we need to make sure we eat meals that will give us an energy boost instead of a food coma, that way when it’s time to work out, we still have the energy to do it.

Get Enough Sleep

Again, this one seems surprising, but it really isn’t. Like we’ve discussed, when we are tasked to capacity, we avoid work outs if only because we are so tired. Well, not only is sleep a necessary part of our physical recovery, but it’s an important mental boost. By making sure we are well rested, we can accomplish all of our tasks more efficiently, whether it be work or a workout. And when we work more efficiently, we manage our time more efficiently. Manage our time more efficiently, and voila, now we have time to work on ourselves!

An Appointment With Medical Professionals is Time Well Spent

Weight loss, nutrition, wellness, and fitness falls under the category of medical science. By seeking the help of trained professionals, you not only have better resources to succeed, but the support structure you need to build better habits. The professionals at Olivera Weight Loss have over 40 years of experience in helping people reduce their weight to a healthy BMI, in a clinically proven and medically safe way, and with the means to help their patients keep it off. Patients who qualify for medical weight loss treatment with Olivera receive Phentermine, an FDA approved, clinically proven appetite suppressant. Additionally, Olivera offers a wide array of supplements designed to help you lose weight, and others to help boost energy. With our established patients having the option to continue their care with our Telehealth service, receiving the support, encouragement, and continuing education they need, we make it easier than ever to follow your plan!


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