board-1108403_1920Every January millions of Americans start the new year off with one goal in mind: to lose weight. The problem with this resolution is that it’s too vague. Starting the year off without a plan or specific goal in mind will only lead to disappointment in the end. People often have an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to weight loss. This will lead to burnout and a feeling of deprivation, ultimately leaving you feeling worse and probably weighing more than when you first started.

When you’re in a self improving mood after the holidays, it’s natural to want to change everything at once. This rarely works for long term success, however. This year, pick one thing to focus your attention on for a month.

It might take longer than this, but once you’re confident it’s part of your normal routine you can add something else in.

There are reasons other than unhealthy eating and lack of exercise that make you gain weight or prevent you from losing weight. Lack of sleep, dehydration, chronic stress from work, toxic relationships and financial worries are just a few factors that can contribute to weight gain. Remember, a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body! Of course whole foods and regular exercise are important when