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Create a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle on Your Schedule

Creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the modern world can sometimes seem impossible. While experts agree that a balanced lifestyle is critical to health on every level, the demands of everyday life - especially as a worldwide pandemic turns established routines on their heads - can be daunting to manage. Too often, when life [...]

Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During a Pandemic

When it comes to health, nothing has complicated setting and keeping healthy living goals quite like this year’s Covid-19 closures and restrictions. For most people, staying active means crafting a routine and sticking to it, and the year to date has been anything but routine. As you acclimate and seek out activities that fit your [...]

Exercise for Weight Loss Myths

Myths about exercise are as common as myths about healthy eating and weight loss in general.  Changing your lifestyle can be challenging enough without misinformation.  Here are 5 common exercise myths you need to know! Cardio machines provide accurate numbers Even if a machine takes into account your weight, height, age and sex, the numbers [...]

What is HIIT and Does it Work for Weight Loss?

HITT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a growing fitness trend in the United States.  HITT is an exercise style that incorporates multiple short periods of high intensity exercise with periods of recovery in-between.  The periods of exercise and recovery each last from 5 seconds to 8 minutes.  Generally, a HIIT workout lasts between 20 [...]

How Much Exercise Do You Need To Lose Weight?

"Eat less, move more" is the most simplistic weight loss advice that virtually everyone has heard.  It sounds simple, it's also very vague.  "Move more."  How much more?  What type of movement?  Move more than what?  In this article, we will break down the recommendations summarized by the statement "move more" giving you a clearer [...]

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Six Ways to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

If you struggle to fit exercise into your routine, try one of these five, simple ways to exercise more starting today!   1 - Use 10-15 minutes of your break time at work to go for a brisk walk, every day.  Looking for something a little more intense?  Try walking or jogging the stairs, up [...]

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Exercise You’ll Actually Enjoy!

Looking for an exercise that you don't hate?  What about one that you might even enjoy and look forward to?  If you haven't considered dance as an option for exercise, you are missing out!  Group dance classes aren't just for kids and professional dancers anymore.  They are growing in popularity and might be the right [...]

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Guaranteed Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Although a sluggish metabolism is rarely the cause for undesired weight gain, a faster metabolism would certainly help you lose weight!  Gimmicks on how to increase your metabolism are plastered all over the internet, but is there really a way to increase your metabolism to help you lose weight?  There is! It's not as "exciting" [...]

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Five Reasons Your Workout Is Failing To Cause Weight Loss

Have you been exercising to lose weight but haven't seen the numbers on the scale change?  Are you sick of exercising and not seeing results?  Here are five reasons your workout is not making you lose weight. 

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Sports Drinks and Weight Loss

Sports drinks are commonly misunderstood and used incorrectly.  If used incorrectly, sports drinks can easily "cancel out" some of the benefits of exercise, such asa calorie deficit, and therefore, weight loss. We’ve developed five basic tips to help you decide if sports drinks are right for you.

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