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Weight Loss Tip: Diet Like A Dietitian!

A common misconception about dietitians is that we don't enjoy food as much as everyone else, but I would argue the opposite.  Many of us absolutely adore food.  We do our best to "practice what we preach," but we experience the same temptations as our patients.  Despite what many people think, I don't have a "fast metabolism" and I will gain weight just like anyone else, but I maintain a healthy weight; here's how!  Learn to diet like a dietitian! 

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Weight Gain From Exercise? Is That Really a “Thing?”

Sometimes people tell us that they started gaining weight when they incorporated exercise into their plans.  There are several factors at play and things to consider, but yes, that can happen.  Here's why it happens, and how to leverage exercise to help you lose weight, not gain it.

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Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

Have you considered using a meal replacement in your weight loss efforts but wondered whether or not they work?  Do you wonder which products not only work, but are a healthy choice?  Here’s a summary of the effectiveness of meal replacements along with a delicious recipe! […]

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5 Top Tips To Lose Weight

Did you know that you could lose up to 40 lbs in 1 year by making 1 simple change? Our Registered Dietitian chose 5 top tips that you can start working on today to help you lose weight.  These tips are supported by research and provide actionable steps you can take to promote weight loss. [...]

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