fitness-826940_1280Are you sick of failing at your fitness resolutions?  Try these proven, foolproof strategies to conquer your fitness resolutions for good!





target-1513758_1920Set a very specific goal that can be measured.

For example, instead of setting a goal to “exercise more,” decide on how much more.  You can’t very easily assess if you are successful in doing “more” but it is very easy to determine if you are successful in reaching a goal of a specified number of workouts per week.  Try a goal like this:  “I will exercise four days per week.”


clock-650753_1920Make your goal time-bound.

How long will you exercise for?  Build on the goal above.  Rather than just “I will exercise four days per week” add how long you will exercise each time, or what you will count as “exercise.”  “I will exercise for at least 30 minutes, four days per week” is an excellent goal.


yoga-628111_1280Set a goal that is realistic for you to acheive.

Don’t set yourself up for failure!  Set yourself up for success by choosing a goal that you actually have a decent chance of achieving.  If you currently don’t exercise at all and you plan to join a new exercise routine, it may be more realistic to start with two or three times a week than four or five.


pencil-918449_1920Write it down!

Document what you are doing and compare it to your overall goals.  Several large-scale studies confirm that people who document their behaviors are more successful in changing them.



graphic-1714230_1280Measure your progress toward achieving that goal, using smaller goals or steps.

If you’re making changes but haven’t reached your overall goal, don’t get discouraged. They take time.  Make sure to measure your progress.   You can also take your ultimate goal and break it up into smaller, more achievable goals and take those one at a time.


treatment-1327811_1920Reward yourself!

Take time for yourself.  Reward yourself when you are successful!  Keep in mind not to reward yourself with something that is counter productive to your goals.  Rewarding yourself with food or skipping a workout can be a slippery slope to your old habits.



Ask for help.

You don’t have to go it alone!  Ask for help or support when you need it.  It’s okay to ask for some emotional support.  Achieving new goals can be hard and sometimes you just need a hand.  Having a workout buddy can also help you stick to your plan.



business-1370953_1920Keep your eye on the prize, and what motivated you in the first place.

You cannot count on others to motivate you.  You have to tap into what motivates you and leverage that to your benefit.  For many people, that means keeping in mind what caused them to make changes in the first place.


Waiting for tomorrow doesn’t do you any good!  Start working toward your goals right now and you will get to reap the rewards that much sooner!  Use the tips outlined above, and you will be on the path to success!

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