As a result of the culture in America, almost everyone does this.  Unfortunately, it can easily prevent you from losing weight.  Stop doing this, and it will help you lose more weight, permanently!





You are not a dog; STOP rewarding yourself with food!

Although that sounds somewhat harsh, using food as a reward for your own good behavior and acheivements reinforces negative behavior.  Rewarding yourself with food can reinforce an unhealthy relationship with food and an “I deserve it” kind of an attitude, which can be a slippery slope to emotional eating.  Additionally, it can easily negate the hard work you’ve put in throughout the rest of the day or even for the week.

Instead, reward yourself with something that is good for you that you enjoy. Whether it’s having a little fun, a stress relieving activity, or enjoying something you rarely make time for, it’s likely a healthier choice than rewarding yourself with food.

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