Healthy Living Tools for Mental Health

Healthy Living Tools for Mental Health

In a time full of chaos and uncertainty, now more than ever the link between mental health and physical health is a critical piece of creating wellness. Businesses and schools are encouraging employees and students to prioritize their mental health, but it can be confusing to figure out where to start. Let’s examine some simple interventions that can help boost mental health and give physical health a boost, too.

Create a Daily Routine
The benefits of keeping a regular daily routine cannot be overstated, both in terms of mental health and when it comes to making space in the day for healthy activities. This goes double during more stressful times – a regular routine can provide a feeling of control and certainty.

Complete the Stress Cycle
Stressors come and go, but many modern stressors don’t satisfy the primal need to physically complete the stress cycle, resulting in stored-up stress long after the stressor has passed. Recent research confirms that exercise, physical connection, and rest are all key ways to signal to the body and mind that the danger is past.

One of the best things anyone can do for both mental and physical health is drink water. Studies have shown that adequate hydration can help alleviate symptoms of stress, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety. Water breaks are an important addition to any daily routine. For added hydration help, try IV Hydration Therapy. The combination of gentle hydration and an hour of rest can do wonders for mental health as well as easing physical symptoms.

Eat Healthy Foods
The foods we eat can have a profound effect on both mental and physical health. Often, the “comfort foods” many people turn to can make a bad mental state even worse, creating a vicious cycle. Break that cycle with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and beans – all sources of nutrients that help support mental and physical health. For support in building a healthy diet, our Medical Weight Management program provides coaching as well as interventions to help create whole-body wellness.

Add in Vitamins and Supplements
Often, a troubled mind is a sign of a nutrient deficiency. The best way to ensure adequate nutrients is a healthy diet, but supplementing can be a vital tool to fill the gaps. To ensure safe, proven, high-quality vitamins and supplements, we recommend shopping our online catalog of Vitamins and Supplements, fulfilled in partnership with the manufacturers through FullScript.

At Olivera Weight Loss, healthy living for every body is our priority, and we strive to bring the best in cutting edge and proven techniques to our patients. There is no greater satisfaction than in helping our patients discover the benefits of a healthy mind and body. Book an appointment online now to discover the difference professional care can make in whole-body health and wellness.

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