Healthy Living with Gratitude: Tips and Tricks for Thanksgiving Dinner

Healthy Living with Gratitude: Tips and Tricks for Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving holiday is most often celebrated as a hearty meal with family and friends. While the temptation to indulge is high, and especially this year when many of us are feeling isolated from those we usually celebrate with, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday joyfully – and indulgently – without sacrificing your healthy living goals. Follow these tips and tricks to rediscover and redefine what an indulgent Thanksgiving dinner looks like.

Indulge Your Senses
While it is tempting to snack your way through the holiday, a vital part of achieving satisfaction without overindulging is to focus on your senses. Focus on the smell, taste, and texture of each bite you take, so that your senses are satisfied with just a bite or two of each flavor.

Bring Gratitude to the Table
It seems trite given that gratitude is the central message of Thanksgiving, however approaching your holiday meal with a grateful heart can have a huge impact on your satisfaction. Take a few moments before digging in to truly connect with the gift of a good meal. Turn off distractions or agitating influences like the television, firmly invite your worries to take a break, and simply enjoy where you are, who you are with (including the peace of a meal eaten alone), and think of 5 things you are grateful for. This not only increases satisfaction, but removes the urge to eat your feelings – and sets the stage for a peaceful gathering, too.

Load Up on Veggies
Maybe this doesn’t sound so festive at first glance, but when prepared well, vegetables provide a nutritious and flavorful first line of defense against overindulging. Do you need some ideas? Recipe blogs are full of fantastic suggestions that are both delicious and healthy, like this how-to for creating perfectly crispy roasted brussels sprouts. Add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese for an extra indulgent flavor. When you start your meal with veggies, you are more likely to be satisfied before you get to the heavier dishes.

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