How Much Less Do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

How Much Less Do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

Although sharing an ice cream cone with you dog may help you feel like your eating less, it probably isn’t enough to help you lose weight.  “Eat less, move more” is the most simplistic weight loss advice that people often hear.  It sounds simple, but it’s also very vague.  “Eat less.”  How much less?  What must you eat less of?  Eat less compared to what?  In this article, we will break down the what “eat less” really means, giving you a clearer idea of what you can do to promote weight loss.

First, it is important to know that “eat less” is very subjective.  Some people can eat more than others and still lose weight, depending on height, weight, age, activity level, and more.

When it comes to eating less, generally the advice is referring to eating fewer calories.  Calories are the energy in food, which our bodies use or store, depending on if we need those calories for energy or if we consumed more than we needed for energy. Basically, if you consume too many calories, you will gain weight.  For an estimate of the number of calories you need a day, visit the USDA’s calorie estimator tool.  For strategies on eating fewer calories, visit our other blog posts.

Another way to think of eating less, is to eat less processed foods.  Eating less processed foods, like prepared meals, chips, desserts, snack foods, soda, and focusing on eating whole foods, generally can help people lose weight as well.  When you eat more healthfully, focusing on eating whole foods, you are able to enjoy a larger volume of food, but still lose weight.

To lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than you burn.  Everyone burns a different amount of calories, but eating less unhealthy foods or eating a little less in general is a good starting point.  If you start to lose weight, fantastic!  If not, you likely need to eat fewer calories (and/or exercise more) to lose the weight.

If you want more specific guidance on how to eat less to lose weight, but avoid feeling hungry, deprived and dissatisfied, consider scheduling a Nutrition Consultation.

Olivera Weight Loss specializes in helping people lose weight.

We use research-proven strategies, approaches and tools to help our patients achieve successful weight loss.  We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.  In our remote Nutrition Consultations, our Registered Dietitian develops a plan customized to meet your needs without you ever having to leave your home.  Phentermine, an FDA approved appetite suppressant proven to help patients lose weight, is available at Olivera Weight Loss for patients who qualify.  We offer all services in a caring, supportive environment. For more information on pricing and our other services, please visit our webpage or give us a call at 773-327-6624.  Follow us on Facebook for free weight loss tips, recipes and more.

*Please note, appointments are required for new patients and strongly encouraged for returning patients to minimize wait times.*

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