Joint Pain and Weight Management

Joint Pain and Weight Management

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It’s no secret that excess body weight can trigger or worsen joint pain. As one of Chicago’s top weight management clinics, we know that excess weight can put stress on any number of body systems. Excess weight can be especially harmful to joints like knees, shoulders, and back. The more weight a person’s structure is supporting, the more likely it is to display symptoms of wear and tear, including worsening pain or even osteoarthritis. Most people understand that focusing on healthy foods and exercise is the best plan to lose weight – but how to do that without putting even more strain on those screaming joints? Here are some great ways to get results with lower risk of injury:

Focus on Eliminating Snacks
For many people, impulsive eating is the biggest hurdle to overcome in shedding excess pounds. From break room donuts to late night refrigerator raids, breaking the snacking habit can yield tremendous results. Getting sabotaged by a growling tummy? Our Medical Weight Management treatments offer expert coaching on ways to outwit cravings, as well as interventions that can help boost satiety and keep the snacking impulse at bay.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
Most people are chronically dehydrated due to the stresses of a modern lifestyle. Long-term dehydration leads to weight gain over time, because a desperately thirsty body will send difficult-to-ignore hunger signals just to get the moisture out of an extra burger. By making hydration a healthy go-to habit, you can feel better and eliminate a source of healthy living sabotage. Can’t seem to drink enough water in a day? 

Get Medical Support
It’s not bragging when we say that Medical Weight Management is one of the best ways to approach weight management when there are complications and obstacles. Safe, informed medical advice and support ensure that any health issues are being taken into consideration and that you receive the best care to ensure a healthy outcome. We also offer the best in proven medical interventions to ensure that the best options are available to all our patients.

Enlist a Buddy
We know that the buddy system works for encouragement when taking on a challenge – and losing weight can certainly be challenging. However, another benefit of the buddy system is that a friend will notice minor complications before they become major ones, and bring them to your attention. Friends help friends stay motivated and also to know when it’s time to stop for the day. Here at Olivera Weight Loss, we reward the buddy system by offering a Bring A Friend Discount – make your first appointment together and ask about our Bring A Friend Discount at the checkout desk. 

Take Your Support With You
Traveling can create huge disruptions in the best laid healthy living routines. To bring expert support with you wherever you go, try our Weight Management Telehealth option.** We offer the same great care and prescription options with the convenience of a phone call. It’s like having a team of health professionals tucked into your pocket! The best Medical Weight Loss provider in Chicago is just a phone call away, no matter whether you’re in the neighborhood or in another time zone. 

Olivera Weight Loss is committed to caring for our patients’ health and making success possible, no matter the obstacle. Whether your obstacle is joint pain, osteoarthritis, or any other issue, make an appointment with us today to learn how we can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and get relief. Appointments are limited, so book an appointment now to reserve your spot.

**Eligibility: The telehealth service is for established patients only. Patients must have a stable blood pressure history, current labs on file, and an office visit within the last 12 months.


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