Men’s Health and Healthy Living

Men’s Health and Healthy Living

Men’s Health Month is a Great Time to Focus on What Healthy Living Looks Like for Men

As most people are aware, healthy living needs for any one person can vary depending on a number of factors, and one of those factors is gender. What specific healthy living concerns most affect men, and how can Olivera Weight Loss help? Read on to learn about some of our favorite healthy living strategies that focus on the specific health needs of men: 

Get Regular Medical Care: By far, the biggest challenge to men’s health is getting medical care in the first place. Men live on average 7 years less than women, and the old-fashioned “tough it out” mindset is a huge part of the problem. Stalling on making an appointment can cause preventable issues to become life-threatening. Set a reminder on your phone to make an annual appointment – and keep that appointment.

Mental Health Care is Critical: The current focus on mental health care in modern society is absolutely critical to men’s wellbeing. According to NIMH, more than 6 million men in America are treated for depression annually. This number has spiked in response to the recent pandemic, making it ever more important to get regular tune-ups to mental health. Add another reminder on your phone to set up an appointment with a mental health care professional in your area or even online – tools to maintain mental health are an essential part of any healthy living plan.

Diet and Exercise: It’s a common refrain in healthy living advice, but for good reason; a healthy diet and regular exercise make all the difference for a number of health issues. Regular exercise improves the health of two of the most likely culprits in men’s health woes – heart and lungs. Couple that with a heart-conscious diet that focuses on healthy fats and proteins, and risk of disease plummets. For help achieving the right balance of healthy habits, or to overcome roadblocks that make those goals particularly challenging, contact Olivera Weight Loss. As one of the top medical weight loss clinics in Chicago, our Medical Weight Management treatments offer expert coaching with expertise in the different approaches needed for men to achieve their healthy living goals.

Choose Hydration, Not Alcohol: Staying hydrated is a key player in keeping men healthy. Not only does a focus on hydration keep inflammation-related health issues in check, water can also curb unhealthy cravings, including cravings for alcohol. Alcohol-related illnesses disproportionately affect men and can interfere with testicular function and hormone production, resulting in impotence and infertility. Looking to get consistent hydration with added health-boosting benefits? Try Olivera’s  IV Hydration Therapy to ensure optimal hydration.

Supplements are Smart: A boost in the right vitamins and nutrients at the right time can mean the difference between feeling okay and feeling great! Talk with our providers about your specific health challenges to dial in what will offer the best support for your unique needs. Our recommended Vitamins + Supplements help patients address their specific nutrient and supplementation needs.

Olivera Weight Loss focuses on the unique needs and challenges of every patient we treat, to put healthy living within reach of everybody and every body. We take into account everything that makes you unique, and we ensure that your needs are met. Make an appointment with us today to learn how we can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that suits who you are. Appointments are limited, so book an appointment now to reserve your spot.

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