New Ways to Save in the New Year

New Ways to Save in the New Year

As a new year starts, Olivera Weight Loss is bringing new package deals to help our repeat patients save with every visit. Though there will be a slight $10 increase for single in-office and telehealth visits, we are here to help our patients achieve their goals on a budget, with new savings on package deals starting in 2022. Discover our new Medical Weight Management package deals and Booster Bundles for the new year, and discover how to achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Our Package Deals save you money and also provide a great boost to your commitment to achieving your health goals!

Phentermine Packages for Medical Weight Management
With new 3 and 6 month packages, starting in 2022 our safe and proven effective Medical Weight Management treatments are easier to afford! Choose from our In-Office Option, our Telehealth Pharmacy Pickup Option, or our Telehealth Home Prescription Delivery Option – whichever one you choose, you will SAVE BIG: $33 on 3 month packages, and $99 on 6 month packages! To learn more about our 2022 medical weight loss savings options, visit our New Medical Weight Loss Packages for 2022 and discover how our deals save patients more money over time. As a sneak preview, take a look at how our Medical Weight Management Package creates great savings:

For Return Medical Weight Management Patients:

    • Make a single appointment: pay $110
    • Buy a 3-month package: pay just $297*, saving you $33 compared to single appointments
    • Buy a 6-month package: pay $561* and save $99!

Intrigued? Check out our New Medical Weight Loss Packages for 2022 for great savings in Medical Weight Management, Telehealth with Pharmacy Pickup, and Telehealth with Prescription Delivery. Get the care you want at a price you can afford!

IM Booster Packages – Up to a 24-Pack
Our most popular Boosters are getting multipack upgrades! Save $10 on a 4-pack of B12 Boosters or Antioxidant Boosters. Not only that, scale your savings on Lipo-MAX, Slim Boost, Beauty Boost, and Immune Boost with 4-pack, 12-pack, and 24-pack deals! The bigger the bundle the more you save, from a $10 savings on a 4-Pack to a whopping $144 savings on a 24-pack. Give your budget and your health goals a boost by adding Booster Packages to your treatment plan!

Stay Hydrated with IV Therapy in 2022
IV Hydration Therapy is still a popular option among our patients, and it’s still available at a great price! Visit our IV Hydration Therapy page to learn more about the benefits of IV Therapy.

Olivera Weight Loss is dedicated to helping everybody and every body achieve their healthy living goals without breaking the bank. We are committed to making our pricing work for every budget. Take advantage of our new package deals in 2022 to get quality care at a great savings all year long!

*Visit for terms and conditions.

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