Losing weight can be overwhelming, especially if you have more than ten pounds to lose.  So many of us have made dramatic changes to our diet or exercise routines, only to “fall off the wagon” a few weeks or a month after starting.  We all want to lose weight quickly, but sometimes, it can be more effective to take it one step, one change at a time.  To make one manageable change at a time, master that, then move onto the next.  If this approach sounds like something that would work for you, we suggest starting with some of the following changes.

Eat more nonstarchy vegetables

Eat fruit daily

Eat lean protein with each meal

Eat only until you are no longer hungry (not until you are uncomfortably full)

Drink less alcohol

Eat less fried food

Eat less dessert

Eat less added sugars

Stop drinking sugar-sweetened beverages like soda

Stop snacking when you’re bored

Swap out refined grains for whole grians

Switch to low-fat milk products (instead of high-fat)

Exercise for 30 minutes (pick the number of days per week)

Assign a number or measurable component to each goal.

Don’t just have a goal to “drink less alcohol&#