Real People, Real Results: Lindzye

Two months ago, at a regular doctor's appointment, Lindzye was diagnosed with a fatty liver.  Her doctor told her she needed to lose weight to improve this condition.  First, Lindzye considered weight loss surgery, but she was scared.  She didn't want to that the risk.  Lindzye's friends recommended Olivera Weight Management's medical weight loss program.  [...]

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Real People, Real Results: Isaac

Isaac's experience is a perfect example of the power of lifestyle changes and the programs at Olivera Weight Management.  Previously, Isaac had tried many other programs to better manage his weight, but none of them worked.  "I love food, so it's hard to go on a diet because you give up everything you love.  A [...]

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Real People, Real Results: Toi

Toi knew the numbers on the scale were increasing, but didn't realize how much until people at work started making comments.  She didn't feel confident or sexy anymore.  She drove past the gym twice every day, but struggled to find motivation to actually workout.  "I wanted to work out, but had no energy or motivation [...]

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A Story of Health and Hope: Jenn

Jenn's owns words about her journey to reclaiming her heath are powerful.  "I can't believe I am the same person! I feel amazing! I've had a lot of people ask how I did it; how I dropped the weight that I carried for so many years, how I finally reclaimed my health. More importantly, was [...]

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Real People, Real Results: Rosa

Rosa tried lots of ways to better manage her weight, but never saw the results she was looking for.  Her friend told her she should try Dr. Olivera's program. She decided to give it a try.  At her very first appointment, she experienced something completely different and amazing.  

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Real People, Real Results: JennyLiz

JennyLiz's photographic timeline of her success!  From 2015 to today! In 2015, two years after having her daughter, JennyLiz was unhappy with her body weight of 208 lbs.  She heard about the appetite suppressant (Phentermine) based program at Olivera Weight Mangement and decided to try it.  She started the program, and [...]

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Real People, Real Results: Vickie

  Vickie came to Olivera Weight Management looking for a solution to a problem that had been progressively worsening over time.  Over the course of several years, Vickie gradually gained weight.  She was hoping that Dr. Olivera's weight loss program was the key to her regaining power over her mind and her body. Each time Vickie [...]

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Real People, Real Results – Mary Ann

    “When I finally decided to go to Olivera Weight Management, I knew right away that I made the right decision. The staff was wonderful. They explained everything I needed to know about Phentermine (which is FDA approved) and the B12 shot. None of my questions were left unanswered. Also Cassandra, the dietitian, talked [...]

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