Two months ago, at a regular doctor’s appointment, Lindzye was diagnosed with a fatty liver.  Her doctor told her she needed to lose weight to improve this condition.  First, Lindzye considered weight loss surgery, but she was scared.  She didn’t want to that the risk.  Lindzye’s friends recommended Olivera Weight Loss’s medical weight loss program.  They said “it works,” so she decided to try the program.

“Teresa, the nurse at Olivera Weight Loss was awesome!  She was so nice and saw me very quickly after I arrived for my appointment.”  Lindzye decided she was in the right place and committed herself to the program.  She began the program and made the changes to her diet that Teresa recommended and started exercising.  Very quickly the program started working!

Lindzye lost 20 pounds and 10 inches around her waist in 2 months!

“The best part was when people started noticing my weight loss.  My clothes started fitting me more loosely and