Vickie Before After Dresses FINAL


Vickie came to Olivera Weight Loss looking for a solution to a problem that had been progressively worsening over time.  Over the course of several years, Vickie gradually gained weight.  She was hoping that Dr. Olivera’s weight loss program was the key to her regaining power over her mind and her body.

Each time Vickie had tried to lose weight, she struggled with physical hunger, making it hard to cut back on her portion sizes.  She was always thinking about food when she was on a diet making them challenging to follow.  This is what interested her in Dr. Olivera’s program, which includes Phentermine, an FDA approved appetite suppressant.

Finally!  Vickie found the key to her success.  Phentermine helped to control her appetite, which enabled and empowered her to make lasting lifestyle changes.  She followed Dr. Olivera’s dietitian-designed diet plan and recommendations from the medical staff.  This isn’t some crash diet she followed, but rather a healthy diet she can maintain over the long-term.  She cut out soda and fast food, among other key changes.



Vickie Before After Capri and Dress FINAL