The Weekday New Patient Special is Back!

The Weekday New Patient Special is Back!

As the holidays approach, many of our patients are looking to us to be a partner in jump-starting their holiday season fitness goals. As one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Loss clinics, Olivera Weight Loss is committed to bringing the best in proven interventions and cutting-edge developments to our patients at the best possible price. If you’ve been waiting to get started on your own fitness goals, there has never been a better time to take the plunge than right now! We are re-introducing, for a limited time only, our best deal yet: the Weekday New Patient Special.

What is the Weekday New Patient Special?
For a limited time, we are inviting new patients to discover the Olivera difference with  Medical Weight Management at an unbeatable price! When you book your appointment using our easy and convenient online booking, select a New Patient appointment on any Wednesday or Thursday in October for just $99! That is more than 20% off our regular New Patient price. You genuinely cannot beat it!

What else do I need to do to get that great rate?
Nothing! Your discount will be applied when you book your first appointment on a Wednesday or Thursday. Book with confidence, knowing that you’re doing what’s best for your health AND your finances.

Can I get that great discount rate on a weekend?
As the name implies, the Weekday New Patient Special is only available on select days of the week. If weekends are the only time you have available, we suggest taking advantage of our Bring A Friend Discount! When you and a friend book your first
Medical Weight Management appointments, you are both eligible to save. Let your provider know when you arrive for your appointment that you would like the Bring A Friend Discount, and provide the name of your friend. You will both receive $10 off your first appointment, with the discount applied at checkout.

I’ve already started the Holiday Health Challenge, and I want to keep it going! Can I get that same deal if I’m a returning patient?
This New Patient Weekday Special is ONLY available for new patients who have not been seen before at Olivera Weight Loss. However, there is another special still being offered for returning patients, so you can still get fit and save big with our Telehealth 3-Pack

Olivera Weight Loss is dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients, and we always strive to provide the best price on health-focused strategies to achieve lasting results. Let us help you get started on the path to healthy living success! Book your appointment today to get a great start on reaching your goals. Appointments are limited, so book an appointment now to reserve your spot.

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