Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During a Pandemic

Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During a Pandemic

When it comes to health, nothing has complicated setting and keeping healthy living goals quite like this year’s Covid-19 closures and restrictions. For most people, staying active means crafting a routine and sticking to it, and the year to date has been anything but routine. As you acclimate and seek out activities that fit your new circumstances, whether staying home to minimize contact or trying to find a gym or studio with the right balance of safety and convenience, it all starts with knowing your options.

For many people, staying active means getting out and about. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options for those of you who need fresh air and a change of location in order to get your head in the game. Hiking and biking are perennial favorites, and fortunately some of the safest activities you can engage in during a pandemic. Outdoor activities are considered incredibly low risk. Find a good hiking trail nearby or get a bike map and get active! If you’re excited about biking but don’t own a bike, this is a great time to try out Divvy. If your fitness mindset needs a gym to keep you focused, the current reopening phase has allowed some gyms to reopen their doors. Check out local gyms to see which ones are open for in-person classes and use.

For those with elevated risk or hectic schedules, sometimes staying active has to happen at home. If you are staying in and playing it safe, the good news is that many studios and gyms have shifted to online format classes in order to help you stay active. Most yoga studios now offer online classes, and starting a virtual class with a local yoga studio will give you options once the pandemic restrictions have lifted. Similarly, most tai chi studios also offer virtual classes. Find a local tai chi studio and start a healthy practice at home that will give you more options after the pandemic has ended. Are you a gym lover at heart, but still need to stay home? Some local gyms are offering virtual classes too, to help members get in shape and stay in shape even if they need to stay home.

With such profound changes in how we are living and engaging with the world, now is the time to consider getting extra support to help you make your life as healthy as possible. This year is a challenge unlike any other we have faced in our lifetimes, and professional support can help you minimize the effect on your health. At Olivera Weight Loss, we provide our patients with professional and proven support through our Medical Weight Loss services. We offer Phentermine, which is the top safe and effective prescription weight loss aid, to help you get results even if your fitness routine has been disrupted. We coach our patients on finding good, safe fitness activities that work with their life circumstances, and we help with identifying and creating good eating practices to support healthy living from the inside out. We offer all of these services either in person in our Chicago office or, if you need to stay home, via our Medical Weight Loss Telehealth option.

It is true that this year has presented a challenge like no other to those pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. However, rest assured that although there are challenges, there has never been a better time to find support to help you achieve your goals, no matter the obstacle. Get active, stay safe, and remember that at Olivera Weight Loss we are always here to support you in getting healthy on your terms.

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