We Are Olivera Weight Loss

We Are Olivera Weight Loss

What does the Olivera name and practice mean to us and to our patients? For over 40 years, Olivera Weight Loss has been the premier name in healthy living in the Chicago area, and we strive daily to earn that reputation. We believe that the best health outcomes happen when we put our patients’ health first and when we ensure that our patients are educated to be their own best advocate. Here are just a few ways we fulfill our mission:

We are Qualified
Dr. Olivera, our founder, is a licensed gastroenterologist who is familiar with the profound effect even small changes in diet can have on the body and on overall health. We continue our tradition of excellence with nurse practitioners ensuring that everyone receives the best care and education at every appointment.

We are Committed
With over 40 years of practice and counting, it’s clear we are committed to our mission to provide the best care to all who enter our doors. Healthy living is not just for the lucky few; we believe that healthy living is for everybody, and we work to bring the best care at the best possible prices to our patients.

We are Safe
Health and safety are our primary concerns with every patient. That commitment is reflected in our safe and clean offices. Located in Lakeview’s Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, we ensure that every patient can rest easy knowing that Olivera Weight Loss is a safe place where they can receive care with confidence, knowing that we follow strict safety protocols before, during, and after each patient’s visit.

We are Flexible
We offer a number of treatment options to ensure that our services can fit any lifestyle. From quality in-office Medical Weight Management treatments or rejuvenating IV Hydration Therapy, to our convenient and schedule-friendly Weight Loss Telehealth options, our goal is to bring our signature care to every patient, no matter what surprises life brings.

Olivera Weight Loss is more than a name. We bring our passion for qualified, committed, safe, flexible care to everything we do. We are ready to help you achieve your healthy living goals today, in whatever way best fits your needs and schedule. Come experience the Olivera difference for yourself! Appointments are limited, so book an appointment now to reserve your spot.

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