Thinking of starting a new exercise routine? Make sure you don’t fall victim to these five exercise pitfalls!

Don’t overdo it.

If you are so sore that you can’t workout for a week, you might get discouraged.  You’re also more likely to get injured if you don’t start gradually.  We recommend taking it easy you first few workouts, to see where you are and how sore you get.  Then take it from there, gradually increasing intensity and duration.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

We all start somewhere.  If someone else is in better physical shape than you are, they likely put in the work to get themselves there.  Comparing yourself to them before you’ve put in the work is comparing apples and oranges.  Save yourself the heartache and frustration – focus on your own progress.

Don’t avoid discomfort.

Although you shouldn’t overdo it and get yourself injured, you need to be willing to be uncomfortable and to push yourself.  A good