Take the Weight Loss Telehealth Plunge!

Take the Weight Loss Telehealth Plunge!

One of our proudest innovations in healthy living care has been Weight Loss Telehealth, and we would love to share why. As life becomes ever more hectic, too often health care falls by the wayside. The greatest obstacles to getting the right care are usually cited as: time, convenience, accessibility, scheduling, and money. We invite our patients to try Weight Management Telehealth today, and discover all the ways it can help overcome the common obstacles to receiving care: 

Time: Telehealth minimizes the time commitment necessary to receive the care you need. We provide professional assessment and counseling without the commute or the waiting room, making it so much easier to find time in a crowded schedule. Try scheduling Telehealth during your lunch break – get quality professional care, and still have time to eat lunch!

Convenience: Sometimes, in a life full of seemingly endless to-do lists, adding one more thing to your list feels like a hassle instead of self-care. Telehealth can eliminate the invisible extra tasks, like driving to the office and finding a good parking spot, so that you can start your appointment with the mental energy to tune in to your own wellbeing.

Accessibility: In a world where plans and locations are constantly in flux, Telehealth ensures that you can receive professional care from one of Chicago’s top medical weight loss clinics no matter where you are! If your healthy living progress has stalled because you can’t make it to our office, Telehealth is the best way to get back on track.

Scheduling: Too often, healthy living plans stall out because of one missed appointment. Suddenly you don’t have another appointment booked, and you never remember to call and set one up except on the occasional Tuesday at midnight. Olivera has you covered! Make an appointment with our quick and painless online appointment scheduling, available 24/7 on the Olivera Weight Loss website and ready to help you book your next appointment. Make it Telehealth so you can’t miss this one!

Money: We strive to ensure that healthy living is an option for everybody and every body, and that includes offering the best prices for medical weight loss in Chicago. This month only, to help our patients discover what Telehealth can do for them, we are offering a Telehealth First Time Discount! For as little as $79*, you can receive our signature professional care with the convenience and accessibility of a simple phone call. Try Telehealth for the first time in July and save!

Olivera Weight Loss focuses on helping our patients find the right tools to put their healthy living goals within reach, no matter the obstacle. To get your healthy living plan back on track or take it to the next level, we hope you will try Telehealth and discover how great it is to have professional care just a phone call away. Appointments are limited, so book an appointment now to reserve your spot.

* The First Time Telehealth Promotion price of $79 is for qualifying patients who choose pharmacy prescription pick-up. First Time Telehealth Promotion with prescription delivery is $99. To make a Telehealth appointment, patients must be medically-qualified return patients – have stable blood pressure history, current labs on file, and an office visit within the last 12 months.

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