Everyone loves to enjoy special foods during the holidays, but no one enjoys the increased numbers on the scale.  Check out these holiday recipe tweaks and tips to enjoy the foods you love without gaining weight!

Tweak #1:  When making a casserole made with condensed soup, get the “heart healthy,” lower calorie or lower sodium version.  It’s almost impossible to taste a difference when a dish is made with these version of soup, versus the full fat, calorie and salt versions, due to the mixture of flavors.

Tweak #2:  Use low-fat dairy instead of whole fat dairy, and limit the amount of butter added.  For example, use 1% milk instead of cream in your mashed potatoes, and hold off on the butter.  People who like butter add it anyway and most people add gravy, so they won’t even notice the butter isn’t there.  If someone wants it, they can just add it on their plate!

Tweak #3: Rather than tweaking a favorite, you can always just include some extra, simple to prepare, nonstarchy vegetables for people to fill up on, too.  If you include a side salad and some roasted vegetables, it enables you to have all of your favorites, in smaller portions, but still walk away from the table feeling satisfied.

Tip #1:  Cut back your portions.  If you want to enjoy all of the foods you love but don’t want extra inches around your waistline, something has to give.  Portion size moderation is an excellent way to have your cake and eat it to!

Tip #2: When bringing a dish to pass, bring a healthy option.  Then you will have at least one choice that you can fill up on, while having smaller samples of the less healthy items.  You may be surprised at how many people thank you for bringing it!

Tip #3:  Just say no!  If you don’t really want an item, just don’t eat it.  If you want it, enjoy it!  Don’t fill up on and waste calories on foods that aren’t really your favorites, but you are just eating them because you are there or because someone else encouraged you to.

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