5 Tips for Wellness in Stressful Times

There is no denying that current times have been stressful, and more than ever a focus on wellness can make the difference. Stress can cause a number of health issues, which makes wellness practices critical both to minimize stress and provide a counter to its effects. At Olivera Weight Loss, we emphasize health for body, […]

Outsmart Your Food Cravings

Food cravings can sabotage the best plans and efforts to develop healthy habits, but with the right mindset it is possible to learn and outsmart those cravings. Studies show that 90% or more of people experience food cravings, so if that includes you, rest assured you are far from alone. The key to overcoming those […]

Map Out a Plan for Weight Loss Success in 2022

A new year is an opportunity to start fresh and redraw our personal map to success, and the key to that success is drawing the right map. As one of Chicago’s leading Medical Weight Management clinics, Olivera Weight Loss helps our patients create success and build on it, and we are here to share some […]

Start 2022 Strong with Olivera Weight Loss

The start of a new year is a great time to get a fresh start on a happier, healthier you, and Olivera is here to help. We know that the key to getting health back on track is setting reasonable goals and creating healthy habits, with extra support for challenging areas. That is why Olivera […]

New Ways to Save in the New Year

As a new year starts, Olivera Weight Loss is bringing new package deals to help our repeat patients save with every visit. Though there will be a slight $10 increase for single in-office and telehealth visits, we are here to help our patients achieve their goals on a budget, with new savings on package deals […]

Coming Soon! Save Big in 2022 with New Package Deals

A new year is starting soon, bringing new things to Olivera Weight Loss! Starting on 1/1/2022, we are thrilled to bring our patients new savings options on our most popular treatments, offering great deals on consistent care! As one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Management clinics, we believe that supporting our patients in receiving consistent […]

Let Healthy Habits Shine Bright

Reaching holiday health goals feels great, but the secret to long-lasting success is to create and maintain new habits that support those goals. As one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Management clinics, Olivera Weight Loss does more than give patients a head start – we are our patients’ partners through the process of making lasting […]

The Holiday Health Challenge Just Got BIGGER!

This holiday season, Olivera is kicking our Holiday Health Challenge* into overdrive with a whole list of ways to get healthy and save big! The savings so far have been amazing, but we have never brought so many great deals to the table all at the same time – your favorites from past promotions plus […]

Weight Loss Can Be Scary – Let Us Help!

The best way to ensure success in any endeavor is to have a solid education, the right tools, and the right help. As one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Loss clinics, Olivera Weight Loss works to bring all three of those building blocks of success to our patients. Let us take you on a tour […]

The Weekday New Patient Special is Back!

As the holidays approach, many of our patients are looking to us to be a partner in jump-starting their holiday season fitness goals. As one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Loss clinics, Olivera Weight Loss is committed to bringing the best in proven interventions and cutting-edge developments to our patients at the best possible price. […]

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